Now SOTI certified, PM90 will deliver one of the best enterprise mobility experiences

Point Mobile PM90 now SOTI certified
SOTI PM90 certified

Now SOTI certified, PM90 will deliver one of the best enterprise mobility experiences

As a global leader in mobility and IoT solutions for businesses across all industry verticals, including: retail, healthcare, field services, and transportation and logistics, SOTI enables companies to intelligently manage and optimize mobile business processes with their integrated SOTI ONE Platform. Thanks to its strengths in scalability, the SOTI ONE Platform can be utilized by start-ups, scale-ups and large enterprises alike. Part of the SOTI ONE Platform, SOTI MobiControl is SOTI’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution and empowers businesses to securely manage any device or endpoint with any form factor and any operating system throughout their entire lifecycle; from deployment to retirement. It controls all aspects of business-critical mobility, from tracking physical assets to managing apps and content, all while keeping devices and data, safe and secure.

Certified by SOTI, PM90 will benefit from the latest features and capabilities of SOTI MobiControl, empowering the device with one of the best management solutions through its lifecycle. Utilizing the tools SOTI provides such as express enrollment and over-the-air configuration, device administrators can quickly and efficiently configure, provision and deploy new mobile devices in minutes, instead of hours.

Released at the end of 2019, the PM90 is the most powerful and sophisticated rugged mobile device in the manufacturer’s line-up. Powered by a 2.2GHz processor with eight cores and 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM out of the box, the PM90 runs Android 9.0 effortlessly and, combined with the bright 5.0” IPS panel, offers one of the best user experiences for your workforce. Now with the help of SOTI’s integrated mobility solutions, this versatile Android device is more powerful, more intuitive and easier to use than ever.

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