Launch of RF851 UHF reader

Point Mobile launches RF851

The new UHF reader RF851, the successor of RF850, is coming soon delivering an upgraded user experience with convenient new features.

Ready to be launched in fall 2020, the new RF851 is a gun grip to be used with PM85 for high-performance UHF tag reading. The device is equipped with the market-proven Impinj® Indy® R2000 RFID engine and has a read range of up to 8 meters with an incredible speed of up to 900 tags per second. All collected data will be shown in real-time on the 5in screen of the PM85.

Point Mobile added some new features to its previous reader for a better experience, which includes “Tap-to-Pair”, a function that connects PM85 to RF851 with just one tap using NFC technology. In addition, RF851 now has a replaceable battery of 3,250mAh capacity which allows the device to stay awake all day long.

While there are some small modifications to design to integrate new functions, we kept all the ergonomic details of its predecessor. RF851 weighs in at 364g, almost the same as the RF850. All the LED notification features will keep the user informed about charging and connection status. We have placed the balance point in the device’s pistol grip, enabling the weight to be distributed evenly. With a drop specification of 1.5m, the RF851 can be used in the roughest environments without breaking.

Combined with the extensive software developer’s kit (SDK) including a variety of program samples and libraries, RF851 will arrive as a formidable solution to the businesses in retail, industrial production process control, logistics & warehouse management, and medical & pharmaceutical industries.

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