Point Mobile submits a securities report for listing on the KOSDAQ

Point Mobile enters IPO KOSDAQ
IPO succesfull Point Mobile stock

Point Mobile, one of the leading industrial mobile device companies of the world, announced on September 28th that it has submitted a securities report to the Financial Services Commission and entered a full-scale public offering procedure for listing on the KOSDAQ.

Point Mobile is offering 1,094,873 shares for this listing. The expected public offering price is 13,000 Won to 15,000 Won, and the total offering amount is 14.2 billion Won to 16.4 billion Won. It will be listed on the KOSDAQ in November after demand forecasting from October 26 to 27 and subscription from November 2 to 3. The representative organizer is Hana Financial Investment.

Established in 2006, Point Mobile is one of the leading industrial mobile device manufacturers, providing mobile devices required in various industries such as transport & logistics, retail, production, and health care, etc. The company has an extensive lineup of enterprise mobile devices, smartphone LTE/Android integrated smart mobile payment terminals, healthcare terminals, RFID readers and portable Bluetooth scanners.

Point Mobile has built up business capabilities for many years in the ODM/OEM market by supplying products to multinational companies such as Honeywell, Datalogic, and Casio. Based on this expertise, it launched its own brand in 2013 while increasing its domestic market share up to 30%, positioning itself as the #1 in the domestic industry.

The company cited the provision of total solutions relating to various mobile devices as the background for achieving high growth. In fact, the company builds a system that can range from product design, engineering & development to mass production and A/S to quickly respond to customer needs and to provide customizable products, which resulted in maximizing customer satisfaction.

Point Mobile has recently proven the competitiveness of its products by securing Amazon, the number one global Internet shopping mall business, as a customer. With this as a momentum, the company plans to further strengthen its position in the global market.

In October 2020, the company will launch the world's second developed ultra-compact wearable ring barcode scanner PM5, which can scan barcodes and collect data using only one finger. The launch of the Android OS-based smart mobile POS terminal PM500 is set for November as well. The company plans to expand new business by continuously releasing new market-leading new products such as the launch of the ultra-light ultra rugged industrial mobile device and smartphone PM30 in January 2021.

Point Mobile's CEO Sam-Kwon Kang said, “With the advent of Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory, IoT, and Big Data, markets are rapidly growing, and Point Mobile is ready to grow with unrivaled technology and top product line-ups. Based on this, coupled with the IPO, Point Mobile will make a new leap forward to become a global leading mobile device company.”

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