Update: Android 9.0 for PM45 and PM85

PM45 and PM85 update available with Android 9.0
PM45 and PM85 now available with Android 9

PM45 and PM85 devices which are currently running on Android 8.1 can now be updated to Android 9.0 via the integrated FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) client found in the system settings. Android 9 offers a number of improvements and added feature which we will explain further in this article, as well as how to receive the update.

Relevant improvements in Android 9.0

1. Security

- Android 9.0 will now perform client-side encryption. Any data encryption or decryption that takes place will now happen on your phone and will require authentication from your phone (password, PIN, pattern).
- Each time you access a network, your device shares its unique MAC address with that network. Android 9.0 offers a new feature that will allow you to create randomized MAC addresses for each network you access. While Android 9.0 will create a random MAC address for each network, the address will not continue to change each time you access the network.

2. Enterprise

- Multiple users on dedicated devices: Android 9.0 makes it easy for users to share a single device, good for shift workers or public kiosks.
- Work tab in launcher: You can visually separate your work apps. Tap on the work tab to see work apps all in one place, and turn them off with a simple toggle when you get off work.


3. Battery Life

- An improved Battery Saver app in Android 9.0 makes it easier to enable Battery Saver as your battery begins to drain. Instead of the option to enable Battery Saver at 5 or 15%, there's now a slider, allowing you to enable it once your battery reaches 70% or below.
- Adaptive Battery: This feature uses machine learning to predict which apps are going to be used in the next few hours and which likely won't, so battery power will only be spent on apps that are important.

4. Bluetooth

- Multiple Bluetooth connections: With Android 9.0, you can connect up to five Bluetooth devices and switch between these devices seamlessly. Incoming phone calls will be sent to all connected Bluetooth devices that can accept.

How do I receive the update?

Please contact your sales representative first and provide all serial numbers of devices that will be updatedThe update can then be performed via the integrated FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) client, found under Settings -> System -> About phone -> System updates and then tap FOTA¹. Make sure you have a stable Wifi or LTE connection before you perform the update². 

If you are running Android 7.1, you have to first move to Android 8.1 before the update can be performed. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Can I still purchase PM45 or PM85 with Android 8.1?

All shipped PM45 and PM85 will run on Android 9.0 from now as a standard option. However, we will still supply Android 8.1 if required upon receiving the order. Please make sure to inform your sales representative if you want to receive PM45 or PM85 with Android 8.1.

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¹Additional fees for updating to newer Android versions may be charged. If you have further questions regarding the update process, please contact our sales department.
²Additional fees for downloading large files over cellular network may be charged by your carrier.