Point Mobile China receives an AAA grade in the enterprise credit report

Point Mobile China: Our factory receives an AAA grade in the enterprise credit report


The international credit reporting company, Juxin Kangcheng, issued credit enterprise certificates to Point Mobile Shenzhen with AAA rating on 22nd May 2020. 

The report revealed that the Chinese entity of Point Mobile has maintained an excellent financial state. Furthermore, the credit rating company stated that Point Mobile has great future growth potential and strong resistance against external uncertainty or risk in the evaluation. 

Founded in 2015, the Chinese entity has proved its value by making devices of great quality in mass production and helped Point Mobile to be recognized as one of the best mobile computer manufacturers. Putting emphasis on the management of the Shenzhen production facilities in an excellent state has been the key to establishing Point Mobile’s brand as a reliable and durable device manufacturer. 

Also, the AAA rating from the international credit reporting company now revealed that Point Mobile's production line will be unhinged in this time of uncertainty and risks.

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