PM90 rugged test: How much can it really take?

PM90 Rugged test Point Mobile PM90 Hardcore Rugged Test

Get to know the PM90 Mobile Computer

It does take a lot to make a truly versatile mobile computer which is suitable for almost any industry. Innovative technology, robust design and years of experience made our PM80, the direct successor of PM90, a massive success. After a huge upgrade and optimization, PM90 sports a lot of new skills, while keeping the features that made its previous generation so popular.  

A new 2.2GHz Octa-core processor powers the Android 9 operating system that the PM90 runs on with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM memory as a standard option. The bright 5“ display was completely redesigned and shows crystal clear information from any angle. All of the hardware buttons (except the power key) can be individually programmed with the pre-installed EmKit. We gave it a new Honeywell Slim Imager Engine for convenient, reliable and fast barcode scanning. And we gave it a bigger battery with 2,900mAh capacity as standard, with an optional extended version with 5,800mAh. We just gave it so much more, while keeping the timeless design with only a little retouch overall. The housing is ink black which gives it a smooth and stylish finish.

PM90 rugged test: How much can it really take?

As a rugged device manufacturer, we constantly get asked if our products can actually take more than off-the-shelve consumer smartphones. While the initial invest for more reliable hardware might be higher at first, the extended lifecycle due to the rugged design will pay off in the long run. But to prove the reliability of our products, we took a brand-new PM90 and did a few very mean things to it - Did it survive? Watch the video to find out!

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