Ivanti: PM85 and PM90 Velocity Ready

PM85 and PM90 now Ivanti Velocity Ready
PM85 and PM90 Ivanti Velocity Ready


Velocity, powered by Wavelink, is one of the industry-leading solutions to securely deploy Android mobile devices in retail and supply chain operations. Velocity's user interface was designed from ground up to take advantage of modern touchscreen devices to optimize your enterprise systems. It makes it easy to migrate your existing telnet and browser-based applications. 

Our rugged mobile computers PM85 and PM90 are now Velocity Ready, fully supporting the entire feature set of Velocity. Both devices run host and web-based applications without making any changes to your WMS, ERP or other enterprise applications. With Velocity and our mobile devices, your enterprise systems are secured for years to come helping you saving millions of dollars in development. Furthermore, Point Mobile extends the life cycle of PM85 and PM90 to seven years after product launch while supplying security patches and updates to newer Android versions, enabling customers to use the latest platform on their enterprise devices.

For further information about Velocity, powered by Wavelink, please visit Ivanti's website or contact our sales department. 

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