Point Mobile recognized as "highly competitive" through NICE's TCB program

Point Mobile recognized as highly competitive through NICE TCB program

NICE Information Service Co., LTD recognized Point Mobile's high technological competitiveness through their TCB program with a certificate

As one of the largest credit information corporations in South Korea, NICE Information Service's profound experience and knowledge in credit and decision analytics are a trusted source of financial data such as credit evaluation, market analysis, risk management and more. Their TCB program (Technology Credit Evaluation) offers a credible certificate program that evaluates a company on the basis of its technological prowess and competitiveness. Through this service, precise information about a company's technology and its expected future growth probabilities to potential investors are given.

The program rated our company as T-3, a title that’s only given to the most competitive enterprises in the market. Point Mobile is honored to be recognized by a renowned financial institution in Korea.

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