PULS: Android Update and Security

PULS - Patches, Updates and Lifetimes Support for Point Mobile devices with Android
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Make the most out of your investment

PULS is Point Mobile's Android Update and Security solution which extends the lifetime of Android-based Point Mobile enterprise devices to up to seven years after product launch. Security patches, updates and upgrades to newer Android versions are provided during the entire lifetime of a device, which ensures your data is protected and you will benefit from using all the latest features the newest Android operating system is offering. Installing patches and updates is done simply by the built-in FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) application which is pre-installed. Connect your device to a cellular network or a WiFi near you and check for the latest security patches with a single touch. There is no need to collect the devices from the field and update all of them manually. There will be no downtime and resources are saved as users can perform the installation on their own. All data remains safe on the device while the update only affects the parts that require fixing.

While the life cycle of a consumer smartphone usually ends only two years after the initial market launch, Point Mobile devices are guaranteed an extended lifetime and continuous service supply.

7 years support with PULS

In detail this means a product will be available for purchasing for five years. During this period, Point Mobile provides security patches and updates on a regular basis as well as upgrades to newer Android versions. After the product has become obsolete, two additional years of PULS will enable users to keep their devices safe from cyberattacks since security patches are still downloadable. 

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