Full scanning capability right on your finger - with PM5

PM5 gives you full scanning capability right on your finger Point Mobile launches PM5

Full scanning capabilities right on your finger - with the new PM5

Point Mobile has announced the launch of its first ring scanner, PM5, designed and built to reinforce the productivity of the logistics industry. With its compact design and light-weight of under 70g, the PM5 provides the power and the comfort that you need on your index finger of either side of your hands.

It is the era of online commerce, and hours and hours of scanning tasks in gigantic distribution centers and warehouses might exhaust the workers. This is where PM5 comes to help your workforce to keep up with the productivity, thanks to its light-weight and wearable design that frees your both hands.

Despite its small size, PM5 is equipped with the powerful Honeywell N6703 scan engine that not only reads all standard 1D/2D symbologies, but also comes with a motion-tolerance feature that enables PM5 to read barcodes on moving objects with a speed of 6 meters per second, enhancing its scanning accuracy.

By taking full advantage of the power-efficient scan engine and BLE (Bluetooth low energy) support, it can operate up to 9.5 hours after a full charge with the standard battery with 510mAh. For increasing operating hours even further customers can opt for an extended battery with 700mAh.

PM5 is IP65 certified and survives multiple drops to concrete from 1.8 meters.

For easy set up, PM5 comes with a Tap-to-Pair feature, which uses NFC technology to connect to Point Mobile’s powerful mobile computers without ever going through Bluetooth settings. The finger strap trigger is detachable to make PM5 ambidextrous. Two LED lights with green and red color inform you immediately about the scanning result, along with the up-to-85dBA buzzer for acoustic feedback.

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