Point Mobile is one of the Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers of 2019

Point Mobile is one of the Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers of 2019

Point Mobile is recognized as one of the Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Solution Providers of 2019

We are very proud to announce that Point Mobile was recognized as one of the leading companies in the Enterprise Mobility industry of the year 2019, by the renowned CIO Applications Europe magazine.

Our cutting-edge products and innovative solutions are easy to use and help businesses around the world to maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction. As one of the top players in this industry, we know the requirements are strict, and demands are ever-changing, which enable us to create unique products with outstanding features. The trust we have gained from our customers over the past decade proves the high standard we have set for ourselves and our suppliers. 

Point Mobile works with a vast network of partners, distributors, customers and service centers worldwide. We believe the high-quality collaborative work has resulted in our nomination as one of the Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Providers of 2019.

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Customers from all industries today expect mobile devices that are not only robust, modern, compact with a sleek design, but also need to have an integrated barcode scanner, a high capacity battery, a long product lifecycle, and enterprise-level technical support. With consumer smartphones as the benchmark for manufacturing rugged mobile computers, Point Mobile is building a bridge that would connect the world of smartphones and rugged mobile computers. “With our strong experience in ODM/OEM business we have the knowledge to create a device that is extremely durable, powerful, compact, but also stylish and eye-catching,” says SK Kang, CEO & Founder at Point Mobile.

Point Mobile manufactures a plethora of rugged computer devices for different industries and applications. Most of their products feature a 1D or 2D scanner and up-to-date Android operating systems. For use in rough areas such as a warehouse or the logistics industry, they have products such as PM550, PM450, or PM250 that are classical brick or gun-type devices with a big physical keyboard. They also have smartphone-like devices with a colorful big screen and outstanding design such as PM85, PM45 or PM80 for all kinds of enterprise services or the retail industry. Additionally, their PM45 and PM85 have been recognized by Google as a part of their Android Enterprise Recommended program. “To be part of this program, devices have to match the strict technical, performance and security requirements from Google, such as IP rating or providing security updates within 90 days after release,” adds Kang.

To manage and deploy their devices easily, Point Mobile also provides a professional software toolkit called the EmKit (Enterprise Mobility Kit). This kit is free of charge and preinstalled on every Android-based Point Mobile device and includes backup tools, cloning tools, and various testing tools. “EmKit also lets you deactivate specific apps in the App drawer or lock the Home Screen of Point Mobile devices,” adds Kang. The company’s devices are used in many industries that require data collection and management. The use cases include order taking in restaurants, keeping track of medication in pharmacies, maintaining buildings or asset management.

With strong backgrounds in OEM and ODM business and the experience they have garnered while working with leading players in the market, they launched their own brand in 2013. Leveraging this knowledge and their focus on the customer's voice, Point Mobile builds devices that are easy to use, featuring a great design, with various configurations to choose from depending on the industry the devices are used for. They have also recognized the importance of Android OS in the professional environment, and therefore develop cutting-edge devices with the latest Android OS, while still offering Windows Mobile devices for a smooth transition.

In addition to all these, Point Mobile has a global network of service providers. Their authorized service centers are located in Essen (Germany), Breda (The Netherlands), and Chicago (USA), while authorized service partners are located worldwide. The company offers various customizable service level agreements based on customer requests. "Customers can extend the standard warranty period, or choose the premium package that not only includes normal wear and tear but also all damages accidentally caused by the user,” adds Kang.

“Point Mobile is growing quickly, hiring more employees and working on an increasing number of projects in the mobility industry,” says Kang. They envision launching more products in the next few years. They have opened a branch office in Germany and have sales representatives located in East and Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and Russia. “We plan to expand even more shortly,” concludes Kang. 


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