Patches, Updates & Lifetime Support

  • PULS is Point Mobile‘s lifetime solution, which extends the life cycle of Android-based
    Point Mobile enterprise devices to up to seven years after a product launch.

Guaranteed lifetime support and continuous service supply

Security patches, updates and upgrades to newer Android versions¹ are provided during the entire lifetime of a
device, which ensures protection of your data and your benefit from using all the latest features the newest
Android operating system has to offer. While the life cycle of a consumer smartphone usually ends only two years
after the initial market launch, Point Mobile devices guarantee a long lifetime and continuous service supply.

We made PULS to be convenient and easy

Security patches and updates come free of charge as standard when a new Android-based
Point Mobile device is purchased. No complicated subscription required!

Updates &

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest updates
    for up to 7 years
  • PULS comes free of charge² for security
    patches & updates
  • Get the latest Android version and new features
  • Conveniently update your devices in the field by FOTA


Update your devices “Over the Air“

Our built-in FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) application makes installing updates easy, reliable and fast³ . Connect
your device to a cellular network or a WiFi near you and check for the latest security updates or upgrade to the
latest Android version with a single touch. There is no need to collect the devices from the field and update all
of them manually. There will be no downtime and resources are saved as users can perform the installation on
their own. All data remains safe on the device while the update only affects what requires fixing.

¹Upgrades to a newer Android version may require additional cost. Please contact your sales manager for further information.
²Additional fees for downloading large files over cellular network may be charged by your carrier.
³Update availability over FOTA may vary by model.

PULS Brochure

PULS Security Patch History

At Point Mobile, we take data and privacy protection of our clients seriously, and reducing the risk of security breaches is our top priority.
Point Mobile provides constant security patches as well as urgent updates on a regular basis through our PULS program.
These patches include Android related issues addressed by Google.

The list below shows the latest security patch level for selected Point Mobile devices.

All Security Bulletins

All Security Bulletins
Security BulletinSecurity Patch LevelAffected Devices
February, 20242024-02-05
PM85 (Android 8)
January, 20242024-01-05
PM84 (Android 13)
PM86 (Android 11)
PM560 (Android 11)
PM95 (Android 13)
November, 20232023-11-05
PM75 (Android 11)
PM84 (Android 13)
October, 20232023-10-05
PM30 (Android 11)
PM451 (Android 11)
August, 20232023-08-05
PM80 (Android 6.0.1)
PM90 (Android 9)
PM451 (Android 9)

Security and OS Update Support

Security and OS Update Support
DeviceShipped Android VersionFuture Android VersionSecurity Update Support End-date
PM8413Upgrade plannedFeb, 2031
PM8611Upgrade plannedAug, 2029
PM35111Upgrade plannedAug, 2029
PM7511Upgrade plannedNov, 2028
PM6711Upgrade plannedSep, 2028
PM3010Upgrade in progressMay, 2028
PM4519, 11Upgrade plannedJul, 2027
PM909, 11Upgrade plannedAug, 2026
PM858.1, 9-Mar, 2026
PM458.1, 9-Jul, 2025