solution description

Enterprise Mobility Kit


The Enterprise Mobility Kit (EmKitTM) is Point Mobile’s value-added service kit engineered for the pure benefit of system integrators. EmKitTM supports the utilization, solution development, and secure management of your business devices.

Pre-installed on all Android Devices

Fully compatible with all our Android GMS certified devices, specialized for business.

  • secure


    Maximize work efficiency with device lock-down & Kiosk mode

  • remote


    Secure mobile device management with Remote control & Access

  • tool


    Quick and painless deployment with Smart Staging

  • demos


    Tester Apps – purposeful development resources

Direct Clone

The Master PDA will function as a local server in your workplace for Nearby Point Mobile device(s) to automatically communicate and download the backup file to restore or to “clone” the settings of your Master PDA, all without any network connection.

Replicate the configurations of one device to hundreds of others effortlessly- it takes only 2 steps.

  • STEP

    Create a secure backup file

  • STEP

    Backup file will restore your device settings


Scan2Set is designed for the network environment. Generate the secure backup file created with Direct Clone into a QR code, and just a single scan will make any device setup quick and painless.

  • STEP

    Create a Direct Clone Backup file and upload to your FTP site or Web server

  • STEP

    Generate QR Code

  • STEP

    Scan QR Code


Power Launcher

Activate Kiosk mode and limit user access to App Drawer or a specific function on your Point Mobile Android device by locking the Home Screen via Power Launcher.

  • Hide Quick Settings

    Limit user access
    to the App Drawer

  • Restrict MTP Connection

    Limit user access to Point Mobile Device’s MTP Connection

  • Screenshot Disable

    Disable screenshot functionality
    in an OS-level