Looking back on three years partnership with Weilandt Elektronik

3 years of successful partnership with Weilandt Elektronik
Partnership between Point Mobile and Weilandt

Looking back on three years of partnership with Weilandt Elektronik

One of the core values of our business model has always been strong partnerships with industry leaders worldwide. By bringing together our teams, we are able to deliver great products and services to our customers, which helps them to work efficiently and without interruptions. The customer-oriented repair service provider with 30 years of experience, Weilandt Elektronik from Essen, Germany, is one of them. Today, we are looking back on three successful years of trust and partnership together.

The end of 2018 marks the start of our journey with Weilandt, when they took over the repairs of our mobile computers and terminals sold in German-speaking countries. Besides in-warranty repairs, the team of Weilandt also fixes our products even after the warranty expired. A major pillar of our agreement is repairing Point Mobile products based on our service packages Point Care, which extend the basic warranty period to up to five years after purchasing. Optionally, those packages also cover accidental damages caused by the user. To complete their portfolio, Weilandt offers additional services, such as staging or keeping a swap pool of devices for customers.

Not long after we started our business, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback that our partners and customers shared with us. One of them is Fabian Matt, Managing Director of mobileObjects GmbH in Switzerland and customer from the very beginning: “We were able to successfully place Point Mobile devices into many projects, but in case of a defect, the repair process was inconvenient and took quite long. When the collaboration between Weilandt and Point Mobile kicked off, door-to-door times have been reduced to only a few days which is a big benefit for our customers.”

To manage all processes around incoming and outgoing devices, Weilandt created an RMA system where customers can track the status of their shipments in real-time. When a device is broken, it will be registered in the online portal with only a few simple steps. Together with the printed repair waybill from the system, the device will be sent in. Upon inspection, a detailed repair quote will be uploaded in the online portal, which customers can then either accept or reject. “Our RMA system is specifically designed to provide a transparent overview over all the processes involved when repairing a device”, explains Jochen Buchner, Sales Director for DACH-region at Weilandt.

It has been an amazing three years for us to work with a customer-focused repair service provider such as Weilandt. We have learned a lot from each other and we are immensely excited to see what the next years will bring. 

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