Yakult: Point Mobile provides mobile devices for the second time

Yakult to roll out PM90 devices by Point Mobile
Point Mobile wins million dollar deal with Yakult

Point Mobile wins $3.6 million contract to provide mobile devices to Yakult

As one of the fastest growing enterprise mobile device manufacturers in the world, we are delighted to announce that we won a huge contract with Korea Yakult again. We will provide the customer a total of $3.6 million of mobile computers starting from April this year, which is more than 6 percent of their annual sales in 2019. The system integrator company Nawootns will optimize and prepare the devices to be ready for deployment as the partner of Point Mobile.

PM90, the device that won the contract, is a powerful Android mobile computer with 2.2GHz Qualcomm processor and 4GB/64GB memory. It withstands 1.5m (5 ft.) multiple drops to concrete and has IP67 water/dust resistance rating, which makes it perfect for Yakult who will deploy PM90 mostly out in the field.

Korea Yakult was founded in 1969 and now its sales figure is about $1 billion. Yakult’s sales forces will use the device for inventory management, delivery service, and on-site payment. All the information captured by PM90 will be sent directly to the headquarters. By digitalizing every workflow and sales pattern, PM90 will offer better view and insight to improve order management, production plan, and future sales plan and strategy.

The partnership between Point Mobile and Yakult first started in 2017 and this is the second time Point Mobile convinced the retail giant of the country to make a grand deal. SK Kang, our CEO, mentioned in the interview that “the contract proves our constant effort to make high quality products and innovate, which earned trust from our customer.”


Point Mobile wins million dollar deal with Yakult

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