Point Mobile officially listed on the KOSDAQ

Point Mobile listed on KOSDAQ
IPO succesfull Point Mobile stock

Point Mobile is pleased to announce the listing of its common shares for trading on the KOSDAQ under the code "318020". 

On December 1st, the Korea Exchange (KRX) announced its approval for Point Mobile to be listed on the KOSDAQ.

The stock trading will be initiated on the 3rd of this month, and the public offering price starts from ₩15,000 KRW ($ 13.63 USD).

"We are delighted to announce this remarkable success and feel honored by the interest displayed in our company", said SK Kang, CEO and Founder of Point Mobile. The funds raised will give us the financial means to expand our business even further, leaping forward to our goal to be within the global top 3 in the enterprise mobility industry.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our partners, customers and employees for their commitment and contributions towards the success of this remarkable milestone.

Point Mobile was founded in 2006 as an enterprise mobile device manufacturer, with total revenue of ₩66.2 billion KRW ($ 60 million USD), and ₩8.2 billion KRW ($ 7.5 million USD) earnings before taxes in 2019.

IPO succesfull Point Mobile stock

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