PM451 now Part of Android Enterprise Recommended

Point Mobile PM451 AER validated

Point Mobile was the first Korea-based manufacturer to get a product validated by Google-led 'Android Enterprise Recommended' program. Since 2018, PM45, PM85 and PM90 have successfully passed the strict set of requirements in order to participate. Now, after a thorough testing and qualification process, PM451 is officially part of Android Enterprise Recommended.

But what does this exactly mean? How can this seal be beneficial for users? Android Enterprise Recommended helps companies select the right device for business applications. It establishes best practices and common requirements, and it makes sure only the best devices with enterprise-grade features will pass. This testing procedure includes the performance, consistent user experience and security & OS updates. For example, a rugged device that is designed to perform in rough environments, needs to meet the minimum requirements for drop-testing and ingress protection. Also, security updates and patches must be deployed within 90 days for a period of at least five years and one major upgrade to a newer Android version must be provided.

PM451 is not only meeting all of those rigorous conditions, it is also exceeding them by far. Offering specs that are way ahead of its time, PM451 makes sure to run all applications smoothly and fast on its 4.3in IPS panel. It runs out of the box with Android 9 and is IP65-rated with a drop spec of 2m per MIL-STD-810G at room temperature. The standard battery comes in at an incredible 5,700mAh, but there's an option for a lighter battery with 4,000mAh. We offer PM451 with three different keypad options (numeric, function numeric, alpha numeric) and three different scan engine options (1D scanner, 2D imager and a long range version) and an optional LTE modem for seamless transfer of data no matter if there is Wi-Fi coverage or not. For scanning an extensive amount of barcodes, PM451 can be equipped with a detachable gun handle to increase productivity.

We are extending PM451's life cycle even further with our PULS program. It offers up to seven years support for patches and bugfixes, even after the official support by Google is discontinued. You wish to receive a demo? Contact us today to find a partner near you.
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