Terminal Emulation & Advanced Session Management

StayLinked is the only Terminal Emulation (TE) product specifically designed for wireless environments.
Traditional TE solutions are, by the nature of their architecture and transport layer, incapable
of dealing with the real-world inconsistencies of both Wifi and Cellular wireless networks.
StayLinked TE delivers very secure, high-speed terminal emulation while Completely eliminating dropped sessions.


    By virtue of a unique architecture, StayLinked Terminal Emulation (TE) is the fastest TE solution available for mobile devices. Traditional terminal emulation products send all telnet/SSH traffic over the wireless network to the mobile device. With StayLinked all interactions with the host application are executed locally on the host computer. Only small, very secure, interactions are exchanged over the wireless network with the mobile device. This is especially important when contending with very slow or erratic wireless networks where legacy terminal emulation products are more likely to fail.


    StayLinked delivers full management of all aspects of telnet sessions, configuration, and licensing. StayLinked eliminates the need to purchase additional software to manage software distribution, client configuration, barcode configurations, keyboard maps, scripting, screen reformatting, file transfers, session transfers, device reboots, diagnostics, and more.


    StayLinked delivers the most secure Terminal Emulation solution available. All Telnet or SSHv2 communications take place on the host machine and are never broadcast over the wireless network. With Blowfish encryption, up to 446-bit encryption, firewall-friendly design, application lock-down, and port filtering and access list support StayLinked ensures the integrity of your data and communications.


    The StayLinked Administrator includes tools that will accelerate troubleshooting to keep end users on the job boosting productivity. Help desk personnel can quickly determine the source of the problem whether it be with the mobile device hardware, network coverage, host system, or software. Features include the ability to fully remote control or observe a live telnet session, run diagnostics on the mobile device, collect log files, send text messages to the device, re-start the client software, re-boot the mobile device, change device configurations, execute commands, run programs, manage licenses and more. A session can even be shared across multiple devices for training purposes.


    StayLinked virtually eliminates dropped sessions between the mobile device and the host application. Whether the problem is poor wireless network coverage, mobile device battery issues, or mobile device reboots, the terminal emulation session will never be lost. Sessions can even be transferred to another device or even shared across multiple devices. In fact, Staylinked can even maintain your session over cellular networks when coverage is temporarily lost.


    StayLinked’s unmatched record of maintaining and managing telnet sessions dramatically reduces end user product support costs. By far the most common reason for support calls related to wireless barcode scanning devices is dropped telnet sessions. By virtually eliminating dropped sessions support call volume is drastically reduced, driving a direct positive effect on the bottom line. StayLinked licensing delivers great value to our customers. The licensing is based upon concurrent telnet session rather than by total device count and StayLinked licenses are fully transferable to new devices with a current maintenance and support agreement.

StayLinked Architecture


The thin client communicates with the host-resident StayLinked server to communicate keystrokes and scans to the emulation session and then to your application, and transmits only net changes to the emulation screen back to the wireless device. Think of it as the mobile device running a remote control session of the telnet/SSH session running on the host computer.


The StayLinked server runs all telnet sessions on the same server as the host system. This results in the telnet sessions achieving the same reliability as the host computer, ofter greater than 99.9% uptime. Network traffic is minimized, and all session data remains securely on the host, safe from intrusion or interruption.


An integral part of the StayLinked solution is the StayLinked Administrator, a powerful GUI-based console which can be installed on any network- connected Windows-based computer which can access the passwordprotected Administrator, and manage the same host-based terminal sessions the end user is seeing on his screen.


Full management of Telnet/SSH sessions Extensive Help Desk functionality Mobile Device configuration and reboot Text messaging, and more


For over 20 years StayLinked has been delivering world-class solutions for mission-critical, host-based systems in the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries. It was the company’s deep understanding of these host-based systems that led its team of technology experts to introduce a new paradigm in terminal emulation for mobile devices. The StayLinked team has earned the company a reputation for high-quality products that Just Work and a level of customer support that creates the highest level of ustomer loyalty