Conflict Material Management Policy

  • 'Conflict Minerals' are minerals produced in the countries of dispute or in the areas where environmental degradation is taking place. Four minerals, including gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum, produced in nine countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, have been designated as 'conflict minerals' by the US government.

  • The designation is based on the judgment that these minerals are used as funds for the armed forces of the Congo. According to the conflict mineral regulations, if a company listed in the US stock market (SEC) uses a conflict mineral in the manufacturing process for a product they produce or commission others to produce, the country of origin and the related content must be disclosed.

Point Mobile supports the following policy

We provide products and services through the purchase of transparent goods in the disputed areas, and we continue to conduct evaluations accordingly.
We always comply with international regulations and relevant local regulations on disputed minerals.
We are in the process of making purchases in compliance with local industry regulations, and we are reporting on their progress.
We provide fast, accurate official assurance on unconventional minerals.