Environmental Policy

Point Mobile will follow regulations and customer requirements to contribute to the response in climate change through
a diverse approach. We will continue to develop new and more efficient environmental products and services
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.This is Point Mobile's commitment to contributing to the sustainability
of our global environment and to providing greater value to our customers.

  • Environmental Management System Operation

    Establish and effectively implement an environmental management system to eliminate and minimize adverse environmental effects from all activities, products, and services of the company.

  • Environmental Improvement

    Develop and apply technologies to prevent environmental pollution and risk factors that may occur in all activities such as production, sales, logistics use and disposal, and minimize the use of hazardous substances and energy

  • Compliance with Environmental Legislation

    Establish, follow, and monitor internal standards to meet the requirements agreed by the environmental legislation and related organizations.

  • Establishment and Achievement of Objectives

    Establish and implement objectives for improvement of environmental performance in management activities such as product design and production, and continuously carry out activities for improvement.

  • Education and Training for Organization Members

    Raise environmental consciousness as well as strengthen the capacity of organization members through environmental information sharing and education.

  • Environmental Management

    Strictly observe our social responsibilities and obligations as a global corporation and implement sustainable policies in a sustainable way through eco-friendly products that maximize the efficiency and circulation of resource use.